Back to School Guide

Back to school time is upon us and as moms, we are WAY more EXCITED about the shopping than our own kids!  Check out our favorite items for school essentials this fall 2019 season.

1.  Question Everything Gertrude Dress : an easy, fashionable but functional dress that is ready for play during recess.  This style is great as it is in a light weight summery cotton fabric but the print transitions nicely into the autumn season.  More options and sizes of this designer can be found here.  

2.  Bari Lynn Headband:  an accessory that is so cute that we want to wear the adult size version too!

3.  Cherree Berree Paper First Day of School Banners are bright photo props  to kick off the school year in a proud and big way and to capture that "instagram"moment.  Available in grades Preschool through 5th Grade.  

4.  State Kane Backpack their staple silhouette is now offered in a metallic pink color with contrasting silver and gold straps.  Aside from the rad color, what I appreciate most about this back pack are the functional outer pockets to hold water bottles to avoid leakage onto school books and homework.

5. Mackenzie Lavender/Aqua Ombre Lunchbag my kids lose lunch bags ALL.THE.TIME so in order for our bags to return back successfully from the abyss of the lost and found, I have found it best to personalize or monogram their bags.  The Pottery Barn Kids lunch box collection offers a wide variety of options and sizes for both girls and boys, and are easy to clean for mom.

6.  Label Daddy Back to School Pack going back to the point kids also lose their sweatshirts and water bottles too, so labels are a must for every article and possession that goes out the door for school. 

7.  Star Glitter Sneakers will definitely put some pep in your girl's step for first day back to school jitters. 

8.  Gracey Lurex Dress is available for rent or purchase from our site if your tot wants a more girly and feminine look for those memorable class pictures or at-home photos to send to the grandparents.  

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