My favorite holiday season is here! I love the start of fall- beginning in September leading to tons of celebrations-Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter Wonder delight. Here are 5 reasons and occasions why you should rent a dress for your little girl.

1- Back to School Class Photos- This class photo is always best in classic colors like our navy dress. The Blanca dress from designer Nellystella, allows your little mini to look and feel like a royal princess. This dress is elegant, classic, and timeless. It's a picture perfect dress. Also, this Ester Nellystella dress, for another classic look. Smile!


2- Halloween- This fun event always has parties for kiddos to partake in. Who says you can't dress up in a black tutu to visit a pumpkin patch. We have stunning black (coming next week) tutu dress by Tutu Du Monde for rent for trick-or-treat style!

And these incredible Swarovski Headbands by Bari Lynn



3- Thanksgiving- This is my ultimate favorite day. It is a day to bring loved ones together to give gratitude for what we have accomplished. I teach my daughter to be thankful, and we love to dress up for Thanksgiving Day. Check out these dresses by Luna Luna  Colette Luna Luna dress, and Elizia Luna Luna dress in champagne. You welcome!


4. Winter Wonderland- Every year I make it a tradition to take my daughter to the Nutcracker so she can dress up. She loves wearing red dresses this month. It usually begins with the holiday family card photo shoot, and continues  through holiday parties. We have the best red party dresses from which to rent from by Bristish designer Holly Hastie- Holly Hastie Red Tuffata dress, Holly Hastie Red Star Tulle Dress, and Holly Hastie Red Sequin Dress.

5. Happy New Year- Kids love to dress up to welcome the new year. This is the time to wear glitter, metallic, and everything sparkles.

Don't forget you can reserve you style now! Enjoy!



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