As the style platform for children, we take great care to stay on top of current trends, designers, and fashion, for your little ones. We just got back from Paris, to attend children's fashion week. We met new potential brands to carry, and said hello to brands we already work with.

The Spring/Summer 2020 children's fashion week theme was Metamorphosis. Meaning, finding new ways to work together, and share in common values. Aesthetically, there were two looks. The first one was sustainable fashion and eco-friendly brands. There is no doubt now, that designers bring a mindful approach to fashion, and to the planet. A lot of the collections reflect this eco-fashion statement. There were a lot of neutrals and greens in the collections, with earthy vibes. The second look of the show, was a vibrant and whimsical look. Clothes with bold colors, intricate details, and exquisite patterns. These represent a statement of pure magic moments to be had by children.These two looks, share a vision of sustainability and aliveness.

At Stylette, we represent the show's vision with the partners we choose to work with. We choose our styles and designers with great detail. Our mission is to empower children to enjoy their special moment by feeling good in what they  wear. And for them to know, that by having the choice to rent, they are helping the planet too. Children's rentals for their runway.

In conclusion, it was fun to meet Heidi and her daughter Luna, from Luna Luna, a brand we currently carry. Their dresses are pure magic. They are the perfect flower girl dress too. Also, lovely to meet Holly and her husband David, from Holly Hastie. Holly also inspired to her line after her daughter. Holly's dresses are what a girls dream closet should look like.

And last but not least, great to meet the team from Velveteen. They are the quintessential kids dream closet. We are so happy to announce that we have partnered up with them and will be offering boys Velveteen suits for rent in the fall. Boys suits for the party! 

We are excited for what is coming and have picked only the best kids designer dresses to make available for rent!

With love,



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