As a single working mom, there are 3 tips I give myself for self-care. These are my go to's in between running a business and taking care of my 5 year- old daughter. I hope you can enjoy them too!

1- Meditation with a Purpose

This is Marie Kondo for the soul and takes just a few minutes. Find a comfortable place to sit and close your eyes. Inhale and vision what you want to bring into your life- money, peace, love, someone to do your children's laundry, etc. and exhale what no longer brings you joy. Repeat, inhale the new, exhale the old. Do this every day until you've go it. I swear this brings magical transformations, and you always feel calm afterwards. Two for one!

2. Spa Day at Home with your Mini

No time to run off to the spa that day, turn your house into a salon and your little one into the spa facilitator. Your little one will love to play and pamper you too. Services can include hair brushing, massage (pretend in my case), a bath, etc. Play does wonder for your soul, and playing spa day actually will rejuvenate you too!

3- Awaken Facia

Lack of sleep making you feel less than alive. Brighten your face and your mood with a quick pick me up facial. Rub your hands together 9 times like you are washing your hands, then bring them to your face and rub 9 times upwards like you are washing your face. Rubbing your hands together creates energy. Ancient Asia wisdom picked up from abroad. Enjoy! 

Happy Mother's Day beautiful mommas! May you have a lovely day and find time to self-care on the blessed journey of motherhood.



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