I am a mother to three kids, and Sheena is a single mom to one. We know first-hand how frustrating and time consuming it is to shop for little ones. Especially when they have grown out of their clothes by the time it’s cleaned and hung back in their closet!

Both Sheena and I arrived to the idea of Stylette by experiencing different pain points when dressing our children. For me, having a third child, (and this time a girl!), I finally got to buy frilly dresses to fill my shopping cart that were once limited to gym shorts and tees. However, between her newborn photos, baptism, a friend’s bridal shower, and my cousin’s wedding, I found myself investing SO MUCH MONEY on her social calendar. Dresses that she would merely wear once – and at most an hour or two for that post-worthy photo! So by the time my daughter’s first birthday came around, and my pockets were depleted, the idea of renting out clothes to share with other savvy moms was born.

On top of offering a service that is time and cost saving for parents, there is an overarching eco-consciousness that stems from Stylette.   The truth is that fast-fashion consumerism and impulse buying has polluted our landfills with merchandise waste. And while many think that donating their clothes to Goodwill is helping our planet, the sad reality is that only 20% of unwanted clothes are re-purchased and recycled, and the remaining 80% end up in landfills that eventually morph into methane gas that pollutes the Earth.

Stylette was created to be a part of the shopping revolution of lasting fashion and slowing down merchandise consumption. Renting is becoming the new way of buying – as seen by the booming success of Rent the Runway for women. We aspire to be the next online destination for families who are savvy in style and conscious of sustainable fashion. But we need your help as we grow this business! We would love to hear from our community and get feedback on what they want to see more and less of.

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And as a thank you for reader's time, we are offering 50% off on your next rental. Thank you in advance for your candid answers and continued support.





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